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Credit Builder Card

This is a secured credit card in your name used for the sole purpose of helping you build your credit score.

• No minimum credit score required. That means, there is 100% hope for you!

• The credit limit is low, but you have to start somewhere in order to establish and build your credit back up. 

• The card reports to all three credit bureaus 6 times a month. 

• They will allow you the option of getting two credit cards. Which is double the credit building opportunity.


Self Lender

Having a self lender account is different from the others. But, still a great choice, especially for account diversification.

This is a CD (certificate of deposit) that reports to ALL THREE CREDIT BUREAUS. You will receive  the money back after it matures in one year.

There is a small origination fee (around $9 – $12), then small monthly payments after. It is  based on how much you want the CD to report. Each payment is reported to the 3 credit bureaus (don’t screw this up!).

 At the end of the term, you’ve paid off the loan and you can get the money back + interest.  Hence, saving money while boosting your credit.


We’re in this together. From online or mobile, whenever, wherever.

Rent Reporters

• They are currently reporting to Transunion AND Equifax; they will also report your rent as a tradeline to your credit report.

• They can backdate your rental history up to 24 months.

• They will verify all information, including ownership of the property so ensure you have a good track record with your landlord first.

Experian Boost

Experian Boost is a newer product that Experian launched last year.

Experian will report *utility bills* to your Experian credit report, in exchange for your bank account information (that is where they will verify your payment history each month).

News reports are stating this will be done for free. However, I can’t seem to find this on their website so we shall see! How  would you feel about providing your BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION in exchange to report your phone/electric bills?

Online Jewelry Club

More About How It Works

✅Get a $5,000 unsecured primary tradeline on your credit report. The  account will be in your name as the primary account holder.

✅The purpose is to boost your credit score and help build a solid foundation for your credit.

✅The injection of an unsecured (meaning no collateral) $5,000 credit limit paired with super low utilization is bound to make your credit report stronger.

✅Easy approval even if you have bad credit.

✅Approvals are immediate.


You place an order for at least $100 for one jewelry item from their website and they will ship it to you. Select a low cost item of only $100 to keep your cost down. You will be required to pay for anything you order. Keep in mind to not overspend by buying items you don’t need.

Once you get approved, they will begin processing you for a $5,000 line of credit which will reported to the bureaus. Read their FAQ’s for additional info.

Ensure you make the payments because they are reporting the usage and re-payment history.

You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. Citizen.

Household income must reflect $1,400.

Once this tradeline reflects on your credit report, for many people, the injection of the perfect positive account with $5,000 credit limit and super low utilization, has a powerful impact spanning months into the future. Given the small payments are made on time.

This one reports to your credit report around the beginning of the month, given you placed your order by the 20th of the month.

Side Note: Capital One Secured Card and Discover Secured Cards – Although they are secured cards, they are still extremely difficult to get approved for if you have negative items on your credit report. Also, if you have ever defaulted with them or had a late payment, you will get denied. Its better to NOT waste a credit inquiry on them. That is why the list was put together. To ensure higher approval odds with challenged credit. There are many other banks aside from the major ones, so do not worry.  

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